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New Hampshire Lettering
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New Hampshire Lettering

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Stitches: 12564

Width/Height: 236.7 x 86.1 mm (9.32" x 3.39")

Available Formats: ART DST EXP HUS VIP VP3 XXX

Color Stops (Thread Brand: Madeira Rayon)
Pink "H"1 - Pink "H"  (1309)
Purple "A"2 - Purple "A"  (1033)
Bright Blue "M"3 - Bright Blue "M"  (1094)
Green "P"4 - Green "P"  (1279)
Blue "S"5 - Blue "S"  (1177)
Lt Green "H"6 - Lt Green "H"  (1377)
Med Orange "I"7 - Med Orange "I"  (1253)
Dk Orange "R"8 - Dk Orange "R"  (1021)
Blue "E"9 - Blue "E"  (1177)
Green "N"10 - Green "N"  (1279)
Lt Green "E"11 - Lt Green "E"  (1377)
Purple "W"12 - Purple "W"  (1033)
Pink Lines13 - Pink Lines  (1309)

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Also a Member of Design Pack

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New Hampshire Lettering

New Hampshire Lettering

(9.32" x 3.39")

©Copyright 2001 by Paramount Embroidery Design
17439 Rustic Hills Drive
Eden Prairie, MN 55346

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