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Christmas Squirrel FSL Ornament
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Christmas Squirrel FSL Ornament

SKU: AE00676

$14.32(regularly $17.90 Sale Ends 12/31/2023)

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Stitches: 40772

Width/Height: 90.6 x 199.6 mm (3.57" x 7.86")


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Christmas Squirrel FSL - Machine Embroidery Freestanding Lace design for the 6"x8" hoop. Created by ArtEmbroidery.

A suncatcher or light catcher is a small item that is hung indoors (with a reflective glass piece) at a window to "catch the light" from a nearby source. Some designs are simple and abstract, with mobile-like chained elements. It is believed that suncatchers were first made by the southwestern Native Americans.

For stitching this lace design, you need water-soluble stabilizer. For best results, use 2 layers of stabilizer and hoop them very tight in the hoop.
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