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Plastic Bag Organizer

Plastic Bag Organizer

Save kitchen clutter with a plastic bag organizer! If you're like me, you're tired of finding plastic bags stuffed under the sink, in the pantry and in other random places. This plastic bag organizer is decorative and easy to make — just follow the step-by-step instructions below!


Materials Needed: (2) pieces ¼" wide elastic, 7" long; (2) pieces cording, 33" long; (1) 10" piece of cording.


You will need to cut one piece of fabric 25" long by 14 1/4" inches wide.


Embroider the designs of your choice in the center of the fabric rectangle. In this example, we embroidered "Autumn Harvest Apple Square" (CD051506FV) in the center, then "Autumn Harvest Apples" (CD051506FQ) 3 ½" below and above the center design, making the embroidery a total of 12" high.


With your sewing machine, create a quarter-inch, rolled hem across the 14 ¼" width of the fabric at both ends (this will be the top and bottom of your bag organizer).


Stretch and sew one piece of elastic across the width of the fabric three inches below the top hem, and the second piece of elastic three inches above the bottom hem.


Fold the fabric in half lengthwise with the wrong sides together. Sew a quarter inch seam lengthwise to create a twenty-five inch tube shape.


Trim this seam to an eighth of an inch.


Turn the tube right side out and sew another quarter inch seam lengthwise. This encases the first quarter inch seam. You have just made a French seam!


Place the middle of each thirty-three inch cording on the back seam where the elastic gathers. Use a tack down stitch to secure the cording to the fabric. Then wrap the cording around the gathered area and tie a bow.


Tack down both ends of the 10 inch long cording to the inside hem, an inch below the top of the bag. This will be your means of hanging the bag up.


Your organizing bag is now complete. Just stuff it with plastic bags and hang it on a door. It is easy now to find a plastic bag when you need one – they’re all in that attractive embroidered container!
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