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Girls Wanna Have Fun Tote

Girls Wanna Have Fun Tote

Are you a diva? A rock star? A hottie? Whatever your handle, our "Girls Wanna Have Fun" bag project is a great way to accessorize, accessorize, accessorize! Simply follow the step-by-step instructions below, and you'll be on your way to that perfect gift for yourself and your little "drama queen". With all these fun and flirty sayings, we've got you covered, whether you're spoiled, sweet, or somewhere in between!


Purchase a roomy tote. Note: tote shown in example is similar to the navy "Convention Tote" sold on Embroidery.com. Be sure to check out our wide selection of inexpensive totes!


Select the designs and thread colors you will use. The project shown here employs the following designs: "Diva" (AIGWHF06), "Drama Queen" (AIGWHF07), "Angel" (AIGWHF05), "Flirt" (AIGWHF08), "Wicked" (AIGWHF15), "Punk" (AIGWHF17), "High Maintenance Nametag" (AIGWHF03), and "Girls Rule!" (AIGWHF10).


Using embroidery software, rotate the "Diva" (AIGWHF06), "Drama Queen" (AIGWHF07), and "Punk" (AIGWHF17) designs to the left. Alternately, hoop your bag at an angle before embroidering each design to achieve the tilt.


Using embroidery software, rotate the "Angel" (AIGWHF05), "Flirt" (AIGWHF08), and "Wicked" (AIGWHF15) designs to the right. To slant the designs, you might hoop your bag at an angle before embroidering.


Print production sheets for each design you will use and cut them out. These are a great tool for planning the layout of the project.


Mark the placement of each design on the bag before you begin the embroidery.


Embroider each design on the marked location. If your tote is of denim material, a light tear away stabilizer should be sufficient.


The finished tote makes a great pairing with the girls' "Rock Star" cap.

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