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Embellishing a Pre-made tie

Embellishing a Pre-made tie

A quick gift or gag gift is easy to make with an existing men's necktie and a little bit of embroidery spunk to liven things up. The tie in this week's example was created as a father's gift.

When a tightly closed, pre-made item like this is embellished, some hints on finishing the job are useful. This project shows you how to open the back seam, embroider on the opened item, and re-close the seam for a professional effect.


Using a seam ripper, carefully unpick the seam in the back of the tie, to about ten inches from the bottom of the seam.


Spread the unpicked tie open and hoop using the "over the hoop" technique for embroidery embellishment.


After embroidery, remove stabilizers and backing. Place a no-sew hem tape such as Heat'n Bond along the seam allowance.


Pin the tie closed along its original seam creases, taking care to pin the hem tape in place as you go.


Set your iron to the recommended setting for the hem tape (probably the "silk" setting), and press your seam closed.


There! We've embellished a tie and put it back together, ready to wear.

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