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Centering an Embroidery Design File

Centering an Embroidery Design File

Origin, center point, start point -- these are all embroidery terms for the same concept: the point within a design file at which your embroidery machine begins sewing. For instance, the origin point may be in the left corner of a design. If it is, you either need to plan for that when beginning the embroidery, or change the origin point of the file to center. In this technique, you'll use the free Wilcom TrueSizer software to check the center point of a design, change the center point, and finally save the centered file.


In TrueSizer, choose "Open" from the File menu. You will be presented with a box that allows you to go to any computer location, and find any embroidery design format. Once you have found your file, select it, and click "Open."


TrueSizer marks the file's start point with a crosshairs icon. Alternately, find out whether the design file is centered by using the "Design Properties" section of the File menu. If the file is centered, you will see that "End X" and End "Y" both have values of zero.


To move the start point crosshairs to the actual center (center the design file), choose "Auto Start and End" from the EMBroidery menu. In the window that appears, check the box next to "Use Auto Start & End."


To make the center your default start & end point on the design file, click the "Save" button at the bottom. Then click the "OK" button at top. Save the file in the format of your choice by selecting the "Save As" option from the File menu.


In the "Save As" window, you may select where to save the file, what its name will be, and which format you would like. The format option allows you to select from a handy drop-down list. In order to keep the original file and the centered version separate, save your centered file in a different folder.


There! The crosshairs icon on this design now shows the true center start & end point for the design. Now you can be confident of placement when embroidering. Center point related issues your other software may have had with the file are also resolved.
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