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Over the Hoop with Wet 'n Stick

Over the Hoop with Wet 'n Stick

You may be familiar with a technique some call "hoopless hooping." I like to think of it as overcoming the hoop's limitations. In this week's technique sheet, we'll go "over the hoop" together using a water-activated sticky backing. Correctly hooping your embroidery area is a crucial step in achieving good embroidery results. Sometimes an alternative to hooping the fabric is useful for avoiding hoop burn on delicate or high-pile fabrics; working with ribbing, thick seams, or other difficult-to-hoop features on an item; or using fabrics that are too small to be hooped.


Hoop only the backing. The Adhesive backing goes on top, with additional backing beneath it.


Lightly moisten the backing using a sponge, cloth, or mister.


Carefully place your item to be embroidered in the hoop. Press it against the moisture activated adhesive.


After the embroidery is completed, loosen the adhesive by moistening the backing from the underside.


Peel the fabric and embroidery away from the adhesive backing.


The finished product is embroidery on an odd-shaped, hard-to-hoop item, thanks to going over the hoop!

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