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FAQ Vintage Clutches 2

Vintage Clutches Bundle 2

These Vintage Clutch designs use both 15 weight and 40 weight thread.  The digitizing on these mimics a type of hand stitching.  You will learn fussy cutting and layered applique while making these clutches.  Finished clutches are about 5"x9".

Vintage Clutches 2 includes:

  • 15 wt and 40 wt thread
  • designs that mimic hand stitching
  • instructions to help you learn layered applique
  • design to practice fussy cutting
  • the patterns tostitch in hoop, including a seam line to follow.
  • You also get a blank lining design that you can personalize.

To use 15 weight thread:
Use a 115 topstitch needle (included) with the 15 weight thread. Slow your machine down, and stitch with the spool standing vertically. No need to adjust tension or change the bobbin. Use on designs with minimum 3mm stitch length; with that guideline you can use it on may different designs. It also works in serger loopers, and in regular sewing machine for visible topstitching.

Fussy Cut applique tip:
Use a printed sheet of your embroidery design, cut a hole to help you see where you want to place the fabric to make the fussy cut just perfectly centered.

Personalize in Embroidery Tool Shed by opening the blank lining design and add text or any embroidery design you own.

How to make the clutches:
1. Hoop your base fabric and stitch the clutch design and the template. Cut out.
2. Hoop lining fabric and stitch the lining template and cut it out.
3. Stitch along the lines indicated in the included instructions.
4. Insert the clutch frame.  Pressing matters. You'll ned a 6x3" clutch frame.

Supplies you'll want:


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