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Is there a free way to use Embrilliance?

Download Embrilliance software here , and you can use it without paying -- this is called "Express". Embrilliance Express does allow you to use lettering, and save the files which you create. It will not allow you to merge or edit stitch files. Check out the videos for more details.

See another excellent video on installing and using Embrilliance Express from 8 Claws and a Paw Embroidery, a supplier of BX fonts.

Express mode Embrilliance does have its limitations:
  • Express does not have sizing tools.
  • Express does not have actual size template printing capabilities.
  • Express does not merge lettering with designs.
  • Express does not include the stitch simulator.

These tools and many more are part of paid Embrilliance software. To test-drive these features, you can download the Demo version of Embrilliance (a separate download from Express) here. The Demo version does not do any saving. It will let you try every tool, in every Embrilliance program. Essentially, it lets you see what you are missing.

The full version of Embrilliance Essentials can be purchased here.  Most embroiderers who become familiar with Embrilliance eventually purchase the full version because of its powerful features and ease of use.



Rebecca G.

I am using Embrilliance for the first time. I have brought in a design on my computer but whenI take it to the machine it asks me to finish the editing. I had clicked on the icon which prompts me to fit the design to the hoop, but it seems like I need to do more. What am I missing?

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Kirsten S.

Hi Rebecca, Thanks for writing in. I haven't heard this issue before, so I hope we get an experienced Innovis 1500 user to chime in, too. I did find a similiar issue experienced by a Brother machine owner, and shared on an Embrilliance support thread. I suggest that you begin your trouble shoot by trying what this user has done: http://embrilliance.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?t=162...

I discovered that, sometimes, if any of my design is "highlighted" in Essentials when I save (like if you've been editing and you click on the design, the design is outlined for you to resize, etc.) that my machine will not open the saved file. So, click in a blank area of your design so that nothing is "highlighted" for editing, and resave. Then resave to your USB.

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Cobi Lee H.

is this an add on to the Essentials? I do a lot of lettering, as in wall hangings I create from my own poetry and prose. If so will it incorporate and allow sizing and added designs to complete the full wall hanging? Thanks for any help. Cobi

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Kirsten S.

With Essentials, you can complete a full wall hanging. It does have the tools to allow you to size and add designs. If you would like assistance in finding the tools you are wanting to use, and in how to use them, we'll be glad to help.

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Kirsten S.

Hi Cobi Lee, Express Mode Embriliance is less than Essentials. If you have Essentials, you have everything Express can do, and more. Essentials will allow you to add designs, size them, and add text to complete your wallhangings. Express will only let you do the text part -- it does not allow you to add other designs.

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