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Embroidery Technique: Finding your place

Embroidery Technique: Finding your place

What if you're in the middle of stitching something and the power goes out? How do you begin again in the same place? If you began the design in the middle of the hoop, many machines will default to that position, but if you began by adjusting the starting point, you'll need to re-align your design before you can pick up where you left off. This tutorial teaches you how to find your place when that's the case.


Print an actual size production sheet for the design you're working on. Your printed production sheet should show the start point (center point) of the design. Programs like Embroidery Tool Shed, Embrilliance Essentials, Wilcom TrueSizer, and KP Compositions will allow you to print what you need. Cut the design out, following the edges closely.


Lay the printed design over your stitched embroidery design, lining it up with the stitching that has already been done.


Tape the paper design over the embroidery design to keep it where you want it.


From the embroidery machine menu, select the design you need to stitch. Move the machine's origin point so that it appears to align with the crosshairs that mark the start point on the paper design iIn the Brother PE-700, use the "layout" submenu). If your machine allows you, you can even lower your needle to pierce the crosshairs on the paper, just to make sure you have the correct alignment.


From the embroidery machine menu, select the color stop closest to the one you were on when the machine was last turned off. In this example, that's color stop 7, the hair.


Remove the paper design, and realign the embroidery machine needle before you begin to stitch (on the Brother PE-700, press the "needle up/down" button to realign the needle).


Continue stitching, and finish your design. Good job. You just saved your project!


read your embroidery technique, it really helps to me . Thank you.

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Kirsten S.

I'm so glad to hear that!

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