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Favorite features of the EZ Stitch Floor Stand

Favorite Features of the E-Z Stitch Floor Stand!

Scroll Frame Adjustable Placement

I can potion my Scroll Frame in the exact placement I need it. I can choose at what height and depth the Scroll Frame comes toward me. As you can see on the Arms, Elbows and Legs, there are so many adjustable positions. You can determine the location that each are placed at that you find comfortable.

I have some back and neck issue but with problems with the E-Z Stitch Floor Stand and all of these adjustable options, I can place the Scroll Frame at such a position that it is right in front of me and I'm looking straight ahead, not looking down. With a pillow under my arms for support, I am now completely comfortable stitching and looking forward with no neck or back strain.

Double Knobs

My next favorite feature would have to be all the Double Knobs. When we designed the EZ Stitch Floor Stand I knew I didn't want to have to use a screwdriver when securing the Scroll Frame to the Floor Stand. The only part of the Floor Stand that you will need a screwdriver for is when attaching the feet and ankles to the legs. Everything else is attached together with a double knobs.

My favorite double knobs are the ones that secure the Scroll Frame to the Floor Stand. There is a bolt that goes through the arm and sidebar then a knob on each side. To rotate the Scroll Frame simply loosen both of those knobs before you flip it over to get to the back of your work. Then start or stop your thread flip the frame back and secure into place by tightening each knobs back down.

I stitch with both hands and want the stand to be able to hold the weight of my arm while I am stitching and not loose tension. With the double knobs and the counter pressure of the knobs I feel like I get a tighter more secure hold.

Now you will want to make sure you loosen the knobs before flipping it over other wise you could strip out the insert in the knob or strip the bolt. So make sure you loosen the knobs before flipping the scroll frame over.

Adjustable Width
Next of course is how adjustable the width of the Floor Stand is. A NEW Feature of 2020 is the Cross Bars now have changed the holes to every 2 inches. So this give you the additional option of 26” and 28” Scroll Rods. There are now 7 different Scroll Rods Sizes that will work with our EZ Stitch Floor Stand. The 24”, 26”, 28”, 30”, 36”, 42”, and 48”.


Another NEW feature this year was we added a new placement for the Top Cross Bars. They can now be placed either at the top or in the middle of the Leg. We found that for some the Top Cross Bar was right in the way of the TV. So by lowering the Cross Bar to the middle of the leg you get the same stability but the Cross Bars are now no longer in the way of the TV.

Feet Placement Options

I stitch on both a couch and a recliner so with all the different placement options of the feet I can bring my Floor Stand right up to me.

Standard & Switched Position

This would be a standard foot placement. Attach the Leg to the middle hole in the foot and then attach the ankle to either hole 1 or hole 3.

Back Position

This is the position you would put the foot if you have lots of space under the couch. Attach Foot to Leg in Hole 3 with the block end of the Ankle attached in hole 2.

Forward Position

This would use this position if you stitch in a recliner or a couch where there is not a lot of space underneath. Attach the Foot to Leg in hole 1 and the block end of the Ankle in hole 2.

So no matter where you like to sit while stitching, whether it's a couch, chair or recliner, there is a foot placement for you. Note: Both Feet do not have to be in the same position, they could be in two different positions and your frame would still be stable.

The E-Z Stitch Floor Stand does work with the fee up on a recliners. As you can see in this picture my recliner is one of those recliner and a half and my project is on 42” Scroll Rods. Which is wide enough to fit over my recliner with the feet up.  So depending on how wide your recliner is will tell you which size Scroll Rods you will need to use to have your feet up in your recliner.

These are just a few of my favorite features of our EZ Stitch Floor Stand

To see all of the features of our EZ Stitch Floor Stand check out my EZ Stitch Floor Stand Product Demo Video in my EZ Stitch Video Blog on Embroidery.com

Be sure to check out some of the other videos I have like “What size Scroll Rods should I use for my project” or “How to attch the EZ Stitch Tape for Fabric to my Fabric.”

All of our EZ Stitch Products are solid Beautiful American Red Oak and hand finished with golden oak oil stain. Making them all a beautiful piece of furniture while creating the perfect stitching tool.

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Thanks for joining us and as always, I love to hear your comments suggestions so please feel free to send them to me at [email protected]


Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett


Karen C.

Good Day. Your luxurious floor stand is my best friend. I needlepoint 16”x16” or larger everyday. The end result is so much better. It stands proudly in our Family Room. Thank you from the bottom my heart for this heirloom.
Drooling for my clamp on lamp. Hurry hurry.

Hugs from Arizona USA

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Heather B.

That's wonderful to hear, Karen. Thanks for the feedback!

[email protected]

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Nancy n.

Hi Donnett,

Although I have been using my EZ-Stitch floor stand for a couple of years now, I have been reviewing your blog on the stand and have discovered in the last photograph of you in your recliner with the stand that you have what appears to me as a magnifier lamp which attaches to the top crossbar. Could you please tell me how to get one of those exact magnifier lamps as I have been looking for one exactly like yours which attaches to the top crossbar?

Nancy Nendel

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Donnett H.

Hi Nancy

The light that I have in that picture my husband purchased for me from Amazon. I love it so much I found a supplier for it so we can sell it. There is a link to the Daylight Slimline Magnifying Lamp. https://www.embroidery.com/product.ec?productsetID...

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