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Embroidered Jar Lid Centers

Embroidered Jar Lid Centers

Jar gifts are fun to give and receive. From preserves to homemade cake mixes to bath salts, every jar needs its own special packaging. Decorative jar toppers add pizzazz to jar gifts and they're fun to make. This technique shows you how to use embroidery designs to make decorative lid centers for mason jars.


The first step is to determine the space you have available for embroidery. Wide mouth Mason jars give you a 3" diameter for embroidery on a jar center topper. Narrow mouth jars give you a 2.25" diameter.


Select a design to fit within the diameter if your jar lid.


Embroider the design on your choice of fabrics.


Use the jar lid as a tracing guide. Lay it over your embroidery and mark the fabric. Or use a compass to mark the diameter. The advantage to this method is that you will be able to see the embroidery design and its orientation within the circle as you work.


Cut the circle out along the line you have marked.


If you would like to add a little loft to your jar lid, glue a circle of bonded batting to the underside of the embroidery.


Finally, glue the embroidery onto the top of the jar lid.


Screw the ring over the jar topper, and the project is finished. A wide array of different styles and effects are possible using this technique. There’s a look for every type of gift jar!

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