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Witchy Treat Jar Topper

Witchy Treat Jar Topper

Jar toppers are fun to make, and this witch is a bit off the beaten path, but still no exception. In this project, you'll learn to make a jar topper that truly stands alone! The finished jar is a great gift, display item, or clever guardian for your Halloween munchies. You will need some black fabric, a fusible stiffener such as Stitch & Shape, a mason jar, a rubber band, approximately 20 inches of black ribbon, and design VC27, October Witch by Embroidery Central.


Using Appli-Kay Wonder, prepare applique fabric for the October Witch (VC27) design. Full instructions on using applique templates are also available.


On a black material, embroider the witch design, adding the appliqué fabric at the appropriate point.


Print an actual size production sheet for the October Witch (VC27) on cardstock. Find the widest point on the design (the hat brim) and mark straight lines from that point down to the bottom of the design, on either side of the design


Now create a tracing template from the cardstock production sheet by cutting the design out, following the straight lines down from the hat brim (the widest point) to the bottom of the design. Follow the contour of the designalong the bottom edge as you cut.


Using your newly created tracing template, trace around the October Witch sew out (VC27) , then reverse the template and trace a second pattern piece. These two pieces will be used to create a sort of sleeve for the stiffener. Keep track of the tracing template; you will need it again.


Cut out both pieces along the tracing marks.


Now pin the pieces right sides together (so the wrong side of the embroidery is showing). Stitching by hand or using a machine, stitch around both sides and the top edge of the pieces. Try to stitch close to the edge of the embroidery design.


This creates a little sleeve.


Trim the seam allowances to reduce bulk.


A zigzag stitch around the seam allowances will keep your fabric from unraveling if you are using a nylon fabric like the one used in this project.


Scrunch the embroidery and turn the sleeve right side out, so that you can see the embroidery. Trim the fabric around the bottom of the design. Now we’ll create a stiffening piece to insert into the sleeve.


On a piece of craft stiffener such as Stitch & Shape, trace the size of your jar lid.


Using your tracing template, trace the shape of the design onto the stiffener, overlapping the bottom edge with the circle you have just traced.


Cut out the stiffener piece.


Slip the witch sleeve over the top of the stiffener piece.


Cut a rectangle of black fabric for the witch's cape. The suggested size of the rectangle is 11" x 14".


Using your jar lid as a guide, determine how you would like your fabric to drape over the jar. In this example, just 1 ¾" of fabric drapes over the front center of the jar. Mark the lid placement on the fabric.


Align the jar lid placement with the circle of stitch & shape. Using an iron, fuse the two together.


Cut a slit in the fabric where the back of the witch’s neck would be. Now pull the fabric forward so that it gives the appearance of being the front of the witch's cape.


Bend the stiffener, lifting the head of the witch to show the embroidery so that the circle and the witch’s head are at a ninety degree angle to each other.


Make a stabilizing stick to help the witch keep her head upright. Use a half inch wide, 2 ¼" long piece of stiffener, inserted into the front of the witch sleeve.


This will be most attractive if you cover the stiffener with fabric to match the rest of the project. Double sided fusible Stitch’n Shape makes this easy.


Fill your jar with goodies if you haven’t already, and screw the lid on. Place the witch jar topper over the lid, and secure with a rubber band.


Tie a ribbon around the jar, making a bow at the front of the witch’s cape.


This little Halloween Witch comes bearing treats!
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