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Between Friends with Eileen: Metallic Threads

Metallic thread has come a long way since it was first created.  Eileen's favorite metallic thread is Kingstar Metallic.  

Eileen demonstrates using metallic thread in:

  • feathers and freestanding lace: with metallic thread even in the bobbin
  • quilts -- even freemotion quilting
  • slippers
  • garments -- use fuse-so-soft to soften the back of the embroidery.

Here, at 16:48, Eileen demonstrates placement of a center design on a tee shirt:

Fold the tee shirt so that the shoulders are together. Print a template on tacky target paper like Print & Stitch Target Paper,  align the center with the fold. Use No Show mesh on the back to stabilize, then put Fuse So Soft over the back of the finished embroidery.

At 18:16 Eileen shows us how to test metallic thread to check quality.

Lift up the spool, and let it puddle. If it pools in circles, the thread it smooth and won't kink and break. Many metallic threads will kink, and spool off in more of a polygon pattern.

Eileen's tip: sometimes with a multi-needle machine, you'll need to wind the thread twice around the tension disk on one of the needles. She says multi-needle machines are like having multiple children: all a little different!

The  Kingstar Holiday Metallic thread is 40 weight, and works in the 11/75 needle. Most machine auto-threaders will be able to thread with it.

Hint: Don't wear metallic thread or crystals through airport security!  Sparkle elsewhere, my dears!

At 28:17, Eileen demonstrates putting rulers on the bottom frame of the Monster hoop, to help us get things perfectly aligned.


Stitch the crosshair from Eileen's blog, on stabilizer, make sure the magnetic hoop is aligned with the bottom, and align the crosshiar with the rulers that are on the top frame. Draw inside the frame, all the way, just trace the rectangle.  Separate the top and bottom.  Now place the bottom frame alone on top of the stabilizer, aligning with the drawn rectancle.  Use a ruler to extned the crosshair lines if necessary.  Align the adhesive rulers with the crosshairs, and press in place.

At 34:00 Eileen answers a question about hooping and keeping fabric and stabilizer in  -- with a demonstration.

Place the magnetic frame perpendicular to the lower frame.  Feel to assure that it is aligned.  Then drop it like a door. The pressure on the side will keep the stabilizer and fabric aligned.  Using the hoop mat will also help. This takes practice.




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