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Placement Tips & Gift Ideas

Marie and Eileen have both been stitching and creating all the gifts we all want to do for years.  In this video, they share their expertise with us. The full video is nearly an hour.  I've bookmarked the technique demonstrations for you below.


Towels are so popular, and they covered a lot of points on towels throughout the video.  At 15:00 into the video, they cover using Perfect Placement Kit for Towels:

Once you've got the towels ready to go, you'll want to wrap up. What's better than embroidered ribbon to add a really personal touch?

At 20:00 minutes into the video, they cover Embroidering ribbon with Sticky Hoop:

Cosmetic Bags

Cosmetic Bags are another great gift with which Marie has had great success. 

At 22:00 Marie And Eileen demonstrate preparing cosmetic bags for embroidery, also with Sticky Hoop (that's a really handy thing):


Napkins work for business events AND gifts.  You are going to want the perfect placement napkin templates for these.  To quote Marie: "Doing one napkin is easy. Doing 12 can be a challenge. That's why templates are so handy."

At 34:00, Eileen and Marie show you how prepare placement on napkins, and how to fit several in one Sticky Hoop for quick and easy sequential stitching.  Here's a tip from Eileen's personal experience: "Don't stitch where the label is."

Here are the links to the special prices on the Sticky Hoop and the Perfect Placement Kit that you heard about in the video:

I hope you found this helpful!  


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