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Stiletto & High Heel Shoe Applique Medium



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Stitches: 13960

Width/Height: 126.5 x 125.7 mm (4.98" x 4.95")


Color Stops

1 - KHAKI GREEN swirls [m1340]
2 - LT PINK applique placement mark [M1014]
3 - LT PINK applique tackdown [M1014]
4 - LT PINK stiletto border [M1014]
5 - PINK applique placement mark [M1016]
6 - PINK applique tackdown [M1016]
7 - PINK dots and high heel border [M1016]
8 - NAVY stiletto heel & bottom [M1277]
9 - BLUE top of stiletto [M1176]
10 - KHAKI GREEN stiletto straps [m1340]
11 - BLACK stiletto outline [M1000]
12 - BLUE flowers [M1176]
13 - KHAKI center of flowers [M1255]
14 - KHAKI heel & bottom of high heel [M1255]
15 - BROWN high heel [M1258]
16 - DK BROWN strap [M1145]
17 - BLACK high heel outline [M1000]
18 - KHAKI strap outline [M1255]

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Also a Member of Design Pack
This design uses appliquéd technique to fill large areas, which are not stitched.

This design is shown on cocoa background fabric.
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