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Due to many requests, Tree-mendous has been revised to include both the original 6x10 hoop designs AND the new 5x7 hoop designs as well. All the features that made Tree-mendous so much fun to create and such a hit are still there, but now it's also available for those who want it a bit smaller, because of hoop size or personal preference. The design set consists of 11 design files in 2 sizes.

The trees feature both front and lining fabrics and a firm fleece batting for body, and each of the parts of the tree, star, and trunk is adorned with different motifs, all giving a trapunto effect. The pieces are joined together in the hoop and given a rich satin edge for a truly elegant final project. At that point, your creativity can take over with additional adornments if you wish. The finished size of the 6x10 version is 20" tall and 18" wide, and the 5x7 version is 16"x14".

So the bottom line is, that Christmas riddle from the original introduction, "A getting-ready-for-the-holidays riddle for you...what measures almost 20" tall and almost 18" wide*, would look lovely hanging on a front door or wall or as a table topper, is a wonderful holiday symbol, and is done completely on the embroidery machine with no additional sewing required?", now needs an extra set of dimensions included!

Be sure to download the PDF tutorial file for project instructions.

** Now includes both 6"x10" and 5"x7" versions!

Fabric requirements: 1/3 yd of the front fabric and the back fabric, plus a 6" square of fabric for the star and the trunk. (Note: our fabric was 44"-45" wide).

*Individual designs from this design pack are not sold separately.

Includes Downloadable Items

Star, 6x10

(4.41" x 4.33")

Tree 1, 6x10

(0.39" x 8.70")

Tree 2, 6x10

(4.88" x 10.04")

Tree 3, 6x10

(3.54" x 7.20")

Tree 4, 6x10

(3.98" x 8.27")

Tree 5, 6x10

(2.80" x 5.71")

Tree 6, 6x10

(3.39" x 6.89")

Tree 7, 6x10

(3.27" x 5.12")

Tree 8, 6x10

(3.23" x 5.79")

Tree 9, 6x10

(3.98" x 7.52")

Trunk, 6x10

(3.94" x 4.92")

Star, 5x7

(3.57" x 3.64")

Tree 1, 5x7

(3.69" x 7.01")

Tree 2, 5x7

(5.10" x 7.05")

Tree 3, 5x7

(2.91" x 5.89")

Tree 4, 5x7

(3.25" x 6.74")

Tree 5, 5x7

(2.31" x 4.69")

Tree 6, 5x7

(2.79" x 5.62")

Tree 7, 5x7

(2.71" x 4.19")

Tree 8, 5x7

(2.68" x 4.75")

Tree 9, 5x7

(3.25" x 6.13")

Trunk, 5x7

(3.23" x 4.02")
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