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Ah, the basic tee. Comfy, universal, and not necessarily tough to embroider.  Hone your tee-shirt skills here.  Go from basic to Tee-shirt-Tastic! 

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You can do so much!


The general rule we quote is “if you wear it, don’t tear it.”  It means that items to be worn and washed repeatedly deserve a cut-away stabilizer. Resist the temptation to use a tear-away, because a cut-away will give your embroidery stability for wash after wash and wear after wear.

Use a ball point needle for your tee shirts, because tee shirts are knit fabrics.  Ball points won’t cut the threads, but sharp points will!  For tips on selecting the best designs for left-chest application, see the Embroiderer's Helper video above, or the Between Friends recorded live event below.

Is placement your biggest challenge?  “Just put it on the left chest area”  You have heard that, right?  It sounds simple enough, but how high, how low, how far to the left before it’s inside the armpit?  And with the slope of the shoulder, how do you know if it’s straight?  Yes, there’s technique to be learned here, too.

Join us this week for Between Friends, where we’ll have demonstrations and special tools for placement.


And if you’ve done all you can with left chests and want to branch out and upcycle a tee-shirt, know that gorgeous results are possible.


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