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Poly Patch Twill / Uniform
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Poly Patch Twill / Uniform


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Poly Patch Twill

Perfect for emblems and patches!


The smooth 100% polyester face of Poly Patch Twill is ideal for making professional-quality embroidered emblems and patches,. Permanently adhered to a stable non-woven backing, Poly Patch is the key ingredient for making long lasting washable and dry-cleanable patches. No special equipment is needed to create a clean-finished emblem - apply a beautiful satin-stitched border with your embroidery machine. 

Available in three assortments - Brights, Uniform and Athletic. Each assortment contains 8 pieces sized 9" x 24" each.


  • White JM-214
  • Orange JM-231
  • Yellow JM-212
  • Lt Pink JM-243
  • Lime Green JM-204
  • Lt Purple JM-267
  • Hot Pink JM-286
  • Teal JM-229



  • White JM-214
  • Royal JM-256
  • Columbia JM-242
  • Athletic Gold JM-266
  • Scarlet  Red JM-202
  • Purple JM-209
  • Orange JM-231
  • Kelley Green JM-209



  • Black JM-269
  • Khaki JM-294
  • Tan JM-270
  • Brown JM-236
  • Navy JM-244
  • Maroon JM-203
  • Silver grey JM-239
  • Forest Green JM-229


do you twills by yard?

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Kirsten S.

Hi! We now offer Poly Patch Twill sheets which are 36" x 13.5" -- one yard of 13.5" fabric.

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Jeanne E.

Hi Phussadee,

Thanks for checking. They come precut in 8 pieces, of 9" x 24". No we don't sell them in yards. Sorry for the inconvenience. Have a good day!

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