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The Star DeTailor

Star DeTailor


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What is the Star DeTailer you ask? It's an easy tool for de-tailing the back of your needle work.

Use it to tuck embroidery floss ends back under the stitches. It looks like it has a needle threader. The wire has a "twist" on the looped tip. This is great for really holding on to the floss end before tucking it under the stitches.


Slide the Star DeTailer under existing stitches on the backside of your work.

The loop has a "twist" on the tip, this will hold the floss securely as you pull. Make sure that the end of the floss is in the loop.

Pull the floss tail under the existing stitches.

Cut off floss close to stitches.

You know when you have only a couple stitches left but your floss is too short to thread the needle... the Star DeTailer can help with that.

Bring your DeTailer up through the fabric, slide the floss through the loop, pull DeTailer through and then secure floss under stitches.

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