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How do I map a font in AlphaTricks?

Alphatricks is a program which gives you the ability to create a keyboard font from alphabet designs on your computer.

This video from Embrilliance demonstrates mapping lettering design collections to keyboard fonts.

  1. Locate the alphabet designs on your computer. To make the mapping easier, organize your designs so that only one format is in each folder. You may also want to separate different sizes of fonts into their own folders.
  2. In Embrilliance with AlphaTricks, click the Alphatricks icon (needle with ABC descending beside it). Or click the Utility menu, and then choose “import font”.
  3. Click yes to begin importing your font.
  4. In the window that opens, find the alphabet design folder which you prepared in step 1.
  5. You can change the name of your font in the “name” box.
  6. You can select a baseline for your font from the “baseline” pulldown menu (for most fonts, choose bottom. For most monogram fonts, choose center).
  7. To manually assign keys, press the key which should be used to type the first letter on your screen, and continue through the font. If your font has logical filenames, you can just use one of the automatic mapping buttons A-Z, a-z, AA-ZZ, 0-9 to skip the manual mapping step.
  8. Adjust any baselines for letters which drop below the line (p,q, y, j) by clicking on the letter you wish to adjust, and drag it to where you like.
  9. click “save font”
  10. Close the import window.
  11. Your keyboard font list now includes your newly mapped font.

Melanie B.

I followed these steps and imported some fonts. They are now part of my keyboard list. When I type in a word using one of the imported fonts the letters are jumbled, each word is spelled wrong. It’s like the alphabets are downloaded out of order ??? Can you tell me what I have done wrong and possibly how to fix it?

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Kirsten S.

Hi Melanie, I've had that happen before, too. The program tries to predict the letter names from the file names, where possible, but some fonts just don't come with predictable, orderly file names that a computer can easily figure out. You can fix it. Open your AlphaTricks window and instead of importing a font, find the one that is having trouble from the list of fonts in the AlphaTricks Window. It's a drop-down list. Now when it opens that font, you will follow step 7 to manually assign the correct key to the correct letter. When it's ready, click "Save font." Next time you use that font, your words will come out correctly.

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