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How to Apply Adhesive Rulers

Adhesive rulers are included when you purchase the Sticky Hoop or the Snap Hoop Monster.  They are tremendously useful in hooping straight and centered. If you don't have them (or want more) you can order them here

To apply rulers:
This video clip demonstrates how to apply adhesive rulers.
You can apply them to the top and bottom frames of your Snap Hoops, as well as to the Sticky Hoop, as shown.

  1. Download the crosshair design
  2. Unzip the crosshair design.
  3. Stitch it on your stabilizer.
  4. Extend the stitched line to the edge of the frame (Use PAL or a ruler)
  5. Trim the rulers to the size of your frame.
  6. Align the center of each ruler with the marked lines, and adhere.

Judy D.

I just bought the 8x12 hoop. I can't seem to locate a crosshair design for this size hoop. I need a pes file for Brother Quattro. My other question is my hoop measures 9.5 x14????

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Kirsten S.

Hi Judy

Great questions. I'm not personally familiar with the hoops for the Brother Quattro, but I can tell you that hoops usually do measure larger than the dimensions by which they are called. We usually call hoops by the size of the embroidery field, rather than by the size of the actual hoop, and most hoops have a non-embroiderable margin. So it makes sense to me that your hoop measuring 9.5x 14" would have an 8x12 sewing area.

I also wasn't able to find crosshairs at quite that size, so I suggest that you use the crosshair design is nearest in size to 8x12 (I think 6x10 is the largest one available), stitch one and then use a pen and a ruler to extend the lines so that they reach the appropriate spots on your hoop.

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Marlene R.

I downloaded the crosshairs but cannot seem to get it to save to my thumb drive, it doesn't appear when I put into my machine

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Kirsten S.

Hi Marlene, usually that occurs when a file is too big, or wrong format, or the USB is too full, or has too much capacity.

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