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EZ Stitch Scroll Rods with Webbing vs Scroll Rods with Tape

EZ Stitch Scroll Rods with Webbing

Each Scroll Rod has this heavy duty webbing stapled right to the rod. You will hand stitching or you can machine sew machine sew your fabric right to the webbing on the Scroll Rods. Add the Side Bars and you are ready to stitch.

EZ Stitch Scroll Rods with Tape

There are two separate parts to make the tape system work. The Tape for Scroll Rods & Tape for Fabric.  The Tape for Scroll Rods comes already applied to the Scroll Rods. The Tape for Fabric attaches across each end of your fabric. A huge plus when using the tape is that this unique design allows you to remove and reattach your project in seconds.

The Tape for the Fabric has a very sticky back and is not re-useable. So each new project gets new Tape for Fabrc.

How to attach The Tape for Fabric:

You will attach the EZ Stitch Tape to the top and bottom of your fabric.  To ensure I have even tension top and bottom, I fray the edge of the fabric until I get a straight line or in this case I place it along the bias.


Then I place the fabric tape a few fabric threads above that straight line. This tape is very sticky on the back so be careful as you place it as it is not removable.

You then simply place your fabric on the Scroll Rods and scroll it up. Your fabric now has even tension through out.  Best of all, it is kept clean and neat. 

Once you have your fabric on the scroll rods and scrolled up, push down the middle of the fabric. This will cinch it up on the rods making it wrap tighter around them.  Do this until you have the tension you like.

See our EZ Quilted Accessories for added protection.

Once you have completed the project, you will simply cut the Tape off your fabric.

How to get tension going side to side:

Now, if you have smaller size project like 6" up to 24", the tension top to bottom will be so great that you will find you don't need any tension going side to side. If you are doing a larger project, I have found if I decrease the space on the side bars it will increase my tension all over my project, including side to side.

Whether you are just starting out, or have been stitching for decades, The EZ Stitch Scroll Rods with Webbing and with Tape come in a variety of sizes to fit your stitching needs.

For past EZ Stitch Scroll Frame Videos, Sit N Stitch videos and Tips & Techniques check out my (Donnett's) Needlework Blog. Also, make sure to turn on the notifications as that's how you will know that new videos are up.

As always, I love to hear your comments and suggestions for new videos and new content, so leave those for me below.

Enjoy & Happy Stitching -- Donnett

Marg R.

I have been using these frames for a good few years now, and came up with my own way of dealing with the fabric side of the velcro fastening. Instead of applying it to my embroidery, and potentially losing some of the material, I stick the velcro to a 2.5 cm wide piece of sturdy cotton tape cut to the length of the scroll rods. This tape is then machined onto the embroidery fabric using a wide zigzag stitch. Result? No wasted velcro and no loss of fabric. I've done the same thing with each set of scroll rods, and when the strips are not in use, I simply fasten them to the rods for storage.

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Patricia S.

Thank you for sharing your trick. I think I'm going to try that on my next project. Do you use any specific kind of cotton tape?

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Heather B.

Hi, Patricia. The video on this page demonstrates using the EZ Stitch brand of tape, sold here at Embroidery.com. Other tapes are not recommended. You can buy the tape by following the link below, or, if you buy our standard rods, they will come with tape attached to the rods and a roll of tape for use with your fabric:


P.S. I see that you also commented on our webbing product page. Rods with webbing will not come with this tape as they are two different systems for attaching fabric.

[email protected]

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