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Did you know the EZ Stitch Floor Stand is adjustable?

Did you know that the EZ Stitch Floor Stand from Embroidery.com is adjustable?

It accomodates rods from 24" wide all the way up to 48" wide...

If you love large projects, this newest stand in the American Dream Products line of Needlework Scroll Frames is the perfect stand for you.  We designed the EZ Stitch Floor Stand with these large projects in mind.  Whether your is project is 24" wide or even 48” wide, our Floor Stand can accommodate it.

Included with the EZ Stitch Floor Stand are the 30" Scroll Rods but as with all of our EZ Stitch Products, they are interchangeable. Our EZ Stitch Floor Stand accomodates EZ Stitch Scroll Rods that are 24", 30", 36", 42" and 48" wide.  All can be purchased separately.


Stitching your larger project has never been easier than with our EZ Stitch Floor StandThe only question left is, which project are you going to stitch first?

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Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett


Click here to see Donnett's full EZ Stitch Floor Stand Product Demo Video.

Click here to see Donnett's EZ Stitch Floor Stand Assembly Instruction Video.

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