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Madeira Rayon 1366 Madeira 1366

Designs using this color (Top 100)
Signed with Love
Baby bottle and rattle
Successful Gold Prospector
Mary's Little Lamb (Outline)
Itching to be Stitching
Costas Hummingbird
Anchor 4
Anchor 6
Santa's List
Bobwhite Saluting
Butterfly 1
Butterfly 12
Santa Sleigh and Reindeer
MacIntosh Rose Pattern
Rose Feature Pattern
Butterfly 3
Butterfly 10
Hockey Bear
Paramount Plaid, 4.5" 5
Paramount Plaid, 4.5" 6
Paramount Plaid, 4.5" 7
Mini Flower #6
Spirit Eagle
Country Craft Flower, large
Teddy Scarf
Ice Skate Cat
Heart Circle Appliqué
Flowers and Butterfly Box
Appliqué Ballet Slippers / Regular
Mare & Colt Outline
Golfer 6
Violet Flowers
Butterfly Blossom Lace Drop, smaller
Butterfly Blossom Lace Drop, larger
Mountain Bluebird, State Bird
Star over Bethlehem Appliqué, larger
Star over Bethlehem Appliqué, smaller
Star Over Bethlehem Appliqué, smallest
Design 4, Large
Design 4, Extra Large
Design 13, Large
Design 13, Extra Large
Las Vegas with BlackJack - Large
Las Vegas with BlackJack - small
Pet Names
Cartoon Fish 6
Tulip Teapot
West Virginia Golfing Woman
Elegant Bouquet Smaller (Right)
Elegant Bouquet Larger (Right)
Elegant Bouquet Smaller (Left)
Elegant Bouquet Larger (Left)
Elegant Bouquet
Peony Arrangement
Floral Switchplate (Single)
Floral Switchplate (Double)
Flax Border
Flax Border Single (Center)
Flax Border Single (Left)
Flax Border Single (Right)
Floral Corner
Floral Corner (Plain)
Floral Ribbon Larger (Right)
Floral Ribbon Larger (Left)
Floral Ribbon Smaller (Right)
Floral Ribbon Smaller (Left)
Ribbons & Flowers Bouquet 1 (Larger)
Ribbons & Flowers Bouquet 1 (Smaller)
Cancer Traits
Single Flower (Cutwork)
It's A Ringer Horseshoes
Three Plums (Larger)
Three Plums (Smaller)
Plum (Larger)
Plum (Smaller)
Fruit Corner (Larger)
Fruit Corner (Smaller)
Red Hat Stick n Stitch Design
Mothers Day Corsage
Victoria Day
Father's Day
Harvest Time
Sitting Pretty Pixie
Flower Tattoo
Three Flowers & Scroll Tattoo
Seashell Collection Tattoo
Connecticut, Smaller
Idaho, Smaller
Massachusetts, Smaller
Montana, Larger / Smaller
Ohio, Smaller
Rhode Island, Smaller
Texas, Smaller
Connecticut, Larger