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Brother® Innovis NQ1400E

Brother® Innovis NQ1400E sewing machine.
Machine Info. from Brother®
Sewing Area: 152mm (5.98") x 254mm (10.00")
Needle Type: Flat Shank Domestic
Bobbin Type:
Introduced: 2017
Read Formats: PES 
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Pat B.

Just got my 1400E yesterday. Have 2 questions that I can't find in manual.

Can we connect our Mac computer directly to the USB port via cable? I do this on my 6000 but not sure about this one.

Is there someplace to activate jump stitch cutting? I've only done a couple designs and it doesn't appear to cut jump stitche

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Kirsten S.

Hi Pat, I believe you are right that the machine does not appear to cut jump stitches. There is an option to turn on/off the thread cutting at the end of a color, but the advice given on jump stitches is to manually cut them when the design is finished stitching.

On their web site for the machine, Brother lists int he specifications " Computer Connectivity with Update Capability". Odd that there is not any direction for it in the manual. I suggest contacting Brother with your question.

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Bonnie H.

Any suggestions on how to save and open a PES file on my laptop for this machine?

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Cheryl B.

What operating system are you working with-- MAC or Windows? Do you have an editing program such as Buzz Tools, Embrilliance, or Designer's Gallery/

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Bonnie H.

Windows. And no I do not have an editing program. I am very new to machine embroider. I welcome any information or suggestions.

Thank you.


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Kirsten S.

Hi Bonnie,

Heather's reply is great for downloading your designs. Once they are downloaded, you need embroidery software to open the designs. If you only want to take them from the computer to the embroidery machine, you can do that without additional software. Just save the design to your USB memory stick (which fits in the computer's USB slot) then carry the USB stick to your machine and plug it in.

If you have not got embroidery software on your machine, you will need some in order to open the designs. Brother has a software called PE-Design Light, which runs about $350.00.

I suggest Embrilliance Essentials for viewing and editing your designs. It runs around $149.00, on sale at $138 here on Embroidery.com now. Embrilliance Essentials also works on Mac or PC, or both, if you have both without purchasing additional copies.

If you just want to see the pictures of your designs on your computer, then I suggest looking into Embrilliance Thumbnailer or Buzz Catalog. They will help you see and organize your designs.

If I misunderstood, or can guide you further, do let me know!

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Heather B.

Bonnie, try these instructions:

Download Instructions:

1) Login at Embroidery.com.
2) Hover over "Hello [Your Name] (Account)" at the top of the page.
3) Click on "My Designs."
4) Click on the design you want to download.
5) You will see a list of "Downloadable Files" on the right side of the page.
6) If you're on a PC: Right click on the file in your format and choose "Save Link As" or "Save Target As". Select your Flash Drive/USB Stick (or other location you'd like to save to) from the list. Click "Save."
If you're on a Mac: Simply click on the design and it should automatically download. If it asks whether you want to save or open, choose to save.
6) Repeat for any additional designs.

I hope this helps!

[email protected]

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Constance A.

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