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How Can I Use StitchArtist to Digitize for Multi-Position Hoops?

With Embrilliance Enthusiast you can split large designs into multiple pieces and add alignment marks to help you re-align them at the embroidery machine. This enables you to stitch really big designs with even a small hoop. This FAQ shows, with video, text, and linked blog posts (below the steps), how to do that.

  1. Go to preferences
  2. Select Multi-Position hoop
  3. Press 0 (zero) on your keyboard to view the hoop on-screen.
  4. Click on Create  (the mouse pointer with the roller coaster track)
  5. Click on Merge (the gear with the red downward arrow)
  6. Hold down the “control” key.
  7. Select two objects to merge. 
  8. Arrange so that your first object is on top in the Objects menu at right (click and drag to re-arrange).  
  9. Arrange your top object so that it overlaps the middle area a bit.
  10. Arrange your bottom object so that it overlaps the middle are a bit.
  11. Shape your objects as needed. 
  12. Make sure your two objects also overlap each other. 
  13. Add stitches to your objects from the stitch menu.
  14. Color your objects using the color tab in the properties pane.
  15. Add lettering if you like.
  16. To save for multi-position hoop, choose Save working file from the File menu.
  17. Give your file a name.
  18. Choose Save Stitch File from the File menu.
  19. Give your stitch file a name.
  20. Preview by creating a new design page (paper icon with a gold star on it)
  21. Open your folder containing your split files.
  22. Open your top split file.
  23. Use the height of your hoop to figure the distance between the two hoop positions.
  24. Use your precise position tool to preview the placement.
  25. Open your bottom split file using the merge feature.
  26. Center it with
  27. Note that the automatically added basting boxes will center each piece for the multi-positions at your machine.
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