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Tip Videos for Essentials

  • Changing Colors
  • Adding a Color Stop
  • Removing the ABC
  • Background Color, how to change it
  • Guidelines
  • Removing Hidden Stitches
  • Not Removing Hidden Stitches
  • Naming Objects
  • Panning the Page
  • Zooming
  • Curved Text
  • Rotating
  • Merging Designs
  • On-Screen Hoops
  • Align & Distribute for a Border
  • Reduce Stitching time with Color Sort
  • Hoop Preference
  • Fonts Tour

Kirsten S.

Hi Patty

I'd like to answer. What do you mean by "sore designs"?

Embrilliance does save designs. If you get the free version (Express) it will only let you work with and save lettering files from .bx fonts. If you are using a demo version, that does not save at all -- it's just to give you a chance to see how the tools work. If you do have Essentials or one of the other modules, then you can save designs in a whole variety of different formats. It saves to every format I have ever heard of, except for ART.


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Patty J.

does Embrilliance also sore designs?

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