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E-Z Stitch Hook Tape for Fabric, 12 Yards
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E-Z Stitch Hook Tape for Fabric, 12 Yards


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E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric (specially formulated VELCRO® Brand hook) is now available in a 12 yard roll. You get 36 feet of 3/8" wide velcro® hook tape. This BIG roll gives you a plentiful supply of fabric tape for your next stitching projects!

E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric eliminates the need for hand stitching fabric to scroll rods. With Tape for Fabric, you can remove and reattach your fabric to rods in seconds. 

How it works:
There are two separate tapes to make the tape system work: E-Z Stitch Tape for Fabric is hook tape (scratchy). E-Z Stitch Tape for Rods is loop tape (fuzzy). Each tape has adhesive on the back. Tape for Fabric attaches across each end of your fabric or canvas. Tape for Rods attaches directly to the scroll rods. The tape on the fabric and the rods attach to each other without slipping. It is guaranteed to never lose its tension.

The tape for fabric is not reusable, every new project gets new tape for fabric. Once your project is completed you will cut the tape off before taking it to the framer.

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Elizabeth J.

I love this product but I've found the glue loses strength over time.

I bought a roll back in 2019. It performed beautifully relative to the loop tape on the rods, and the project could be zipped away from the scroll rods and repositioned easily. But the fabric tape couldn't be removed from the fabric of a completed project for love nor money - it had to be cut off when I was through.

Fast forward to 2023 when I used up the tail end of that same roll. Although the hook-and-loop feature still worked perfectly, the fabric tape began to separate from my project while I was still stitching. When I finished the project I pulled the rest of the fabric tape entirely off the fabric with little effort. That isn't unreasonable - 4 years is a long shelf life for most contact-type adhesives. If (like me) you do only a few projects per year, it might make more sense to buy the smaller rolls. That way I'll use them up while the glue is still fresh.

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Elizabeth H.

I was little disappointed when I received it . It wasn’t right

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Heather B.

Hi, Elizabeth. We're sorry you're disappointed. We received your voicemail and will be calling you back to find out more about what issue you are having and will do our best to resolve it for you.

[email protected]

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