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Thread Project Tray
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Thread Project Tray


UPC: 810085131779

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Will likely ship by Wednesday, March 6

Thread Project Trays keep your threads in stitch order!  Made of laser cut wood mounted on dry erase boards, these tidy trays store individual spools of Exquisite thread during machine embroidery projects.  Each circle is recessed to perfectly hold your Exquisite thread spools.  The dry erase area within each circle helps you keep track of which spool goes where during your project.

Just place the spools in the numbered order. For repeat colors, write the thread color number on the dry erase circle so you don’t skip a color.  You’ll receive two 12.5” x 5.25” trays and one dry erase marker.  Coordinating set of two trays for up to 24 colors at a time.

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