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Machine Embroidery Roadblock: How do I get it to my machine?

Recently, I was in Embroidery.com’s local shop when a member of our machine embroidery stitching group said something surprising: She had so far been unable to get designs from her computer to her usb stick. That’s a major problem!

I work in machine embroidery and have done for a couple of decades. I’m fairly fluent with software, and confident that I can figure it out. As I listened to her story though, I was less surprised.  I know that there are several areas I can think of in which this kind of thing happens: I buy something I’m not yet sure how to use, believing it will be great once I figure it out. And then, the purchase finished; life intervenes.  I find the helps available don’t quite meet my needs, or I don’t have time to do the necessary reading, study and experimentation to learn about my new tool.

Has this happened to you?  Let’s fix that. The video above from Embrilliance quickly shows how to save a design to a USB stick in Embrilliance.
The video below (kind of) shows you how to save a design to a floppy disk. If you watch it, you'll see what I mean. I hope it helps.

Here is a video on converting the SHV format for Designer 1:

And here is a web page that shows the process in greater detail, including taking the file to your machine:
Writing a Designer 1 Disk in Embrilliance


Here is a video that shows you how to send design files to USB with a Mac:

I’d also like to share with you
the online class that I wrote for Embrilliance Essentials. It comes as a series of emails with each part of the software broken down into sections to read from the manual and helpful videos that demonstrate those sections.
Let's Learn Embrilliance Essentials

You can take this class at your own pace, and ask questions as you go along.  And it’s free -- no charge. There are no class fees or textbooks to buy. I hope it helps you to overcome that “life intervening” thing, at least a little bit.

The class is called Let’s Learn Embrilliance Essentials.  To get started, all you need is an account with Embroidery.com and access to an email account.

Carrie C.

I am electronically challenged, I have signed up for the course (Thank you FOR THIS!!!) I have poked around it a bit, but can’t figure out how to get a design into Essentials. I have a number in my download folder, I would like to get one into the program to play around with....can you point me in the right direction??? TIA

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Kirsten S.

Hi Carrie,
I'm glad you're signed up! There's a video linked in lesson 3 that shows you how to open designs. For today, here's the basic list of steps:

To get a design into Embrilliance, here are the steps, assuming you have Essentials already installed.

1. Open Embrilliance

2. Go to the File menu
3. Choose Open from the list

4. Locate your design files -- you said they are in the download folder, so go to that.

5. Open the design.
Of all these steps, I think #4 is the one that usually poses the greatest challenge -- finding stuff on the computer, even when you know where it is, because you come at it from a different angle when you want to find it from inside the software. Is that true for you?

If that's the case, do this instead:

1. Open Embrilliance. Size the Embrilliance window so that it doesn't take up the whole screen.

2. In a separate window, open your downloads folder. Size that so that it doesn't take up the whole screen.

3. Locate one of the design files you have downloaded within that folder.

4. Click and drag it from the downloads folder onto the Embrillinace window.

5. The program recognized the dragged design and opens it.

The tricky part in this method is getting both of your windows to both show at the same time. I believe in you :)

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Carrie C.

Thank you so much!!!!! It’s so easy when you know how!! Hahaha I do believe i am going to be a real lover of this software.... the more I understand the better I like it. Thank you!!!!

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Kirsten S.

You're welcome, Carrie. I'm so glad you are getting what you need! Well done.

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Deborah H.

THANK YOU!!!! I haven't started doing your class yet but I will. You pegged it! Time and life. I have an embroidery machine about 20 years old. I am getting another that allows the usb design bit but I have been looking everywhere for information on how these things work from computer to machine via usb. You are a Godsend...now that I have found this, its dinner time and I have to cook...just like you said life and time. I will return!! So glad I found this

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Heather B.

Thanks for the feedback, Deborah! We sure hope the lessons help!


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