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Wool Press Mats & Pads / For Pressing Station, 3 "x 13" and 6" x: 13"
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Wool Press Mats & Pads

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Wool Press Mats

Enhance your Totally Tubular Station!

Wool Press Mats provide a smooth double-sided pressing surface for the Totally Tubular Pressing or Hooping Station. The 100% wool mats grip fabric and protect the loft of embroidery designs. Use the pinnable 1/2 in  thick felted wool mat with or without steam. Comes with two press mats custom sized for the Totally Tubular system or use on top of your chosen ironing surface. 

  • 100% wool
  • 1/2 in thick
  • Two per package
  • Pressing Mats are 3 in x 13 in and 6 in x 13 in (fits on the Totally Tubular Pressing Station)
  • Pressing Mats are 8 in x 13 in and 13 in x 13 in (fits on the Totally Tubular Hooping Station)


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