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Wonders of the Basting Box: preview your print fabric

Another use of the basting box is to preview your fabric print with your embroidery. What? Yes, this one is a fun and wonderfully creative trick. It's not mine. A fellow Embrilliance user pointed it out in an online forum. It's so fun talking with others because they have these neat ideas and experiences.

You may already know that you can bring an image into StitchArtist using the image button in Create mode. Did you know that you can bring an image into StitchArtist using the applique options as well? In order to see what your design colors look like on your chosen fabric, you can turn a stitch object (such as the basting box) into an applique area, and bring up your fabric image.

fabric preview applique.JPG

The combination of basting box and applique may not have been intended for this use, but it sure works and will help an embroiderer out, so why not try it?

fabric preview.JPG

For this, you’ll need StitchArtist, or at least the non-saving demo with StitchArtist turned on. (For ease with the basting box, also turn on Enthusiast or Essentials)

This video shows you exactly how to do it, using the basting box as a shortcut.

For those who use StitchArtist regularly -- you know you can make your own basting box, right? So you won’t actually need Essentials or Enthusiast to preview your fabric. Go for it!

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