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Wonders of the Basting Box: Floating

A basting box helps you improve embroidery stability, and can be used to start designs in a corner of the hoop without manually moving them at the embroidery machine.

Another use of the basting box is to anchor your fabric and stabilizer to one another. If they are already hooped together, the basting box provides one more layer of stability. If they are not hooped together, and you are “floating” or “going over the hoop” with your embroiderable item, then the basting box can function as your main connection, holding the fabric to the stabilizer. You can often go without those tricky spray adhesives or poky pins when you use the basting box. basting box.JPG

This video shows the use of a basting box for floating a small piece of fabric. The basting box shown is an included feature of this embroiderer’s Husqvarna Viking Topaz. If your machine does not have a basting function, this is a perfect place for embroidery software to step in. Embrilliance Essentials, for example, has a “baste design” feature you can add to any design before stitching. Embrilliance Enthusiast includes a “baste hoop” feature, which automatically fits the basting box to the hoop size.


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I'm really glad to hear that. Thank you!

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