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How can I use my own personal thread stash in Embrilliance Essentials?

Embrilliance Essentials allows you to customize the thread choices with your own personal stash so that you can use thread you actually own on-screen.

  1. In the Utility menu, choose Threads.
  2. The thread/palette editor comes up.
  3. Create a new palette by clicking the "new” button that looks like a blank sheet of paper.
  4. Type a name for your palette
  5. Click “save” -- the button looks like a computer disk.
  6. Click the "merge from existing" button -- looks like a spool with a curved arrow above it.
  7. Choose your thread brand from the "family" menu that comes up.
  8. Now select a thread from the list and click "ok". This adds your thread.
  9. Alternately, you can type thread numbers in. First select the "number" button
  10.  Type the number and click "go" for each one.  When finished typing your list of numbers, click "ok."
  11. You can repeat these steps to add colors from other brands.
  12. Click the "save" button  -- looks like a disk.
  13. To use these colors in a design, click the part of the design you want to change, and click on its color chip.
  14. Your new thread palette is now available from the pull-down list.
  15. You can also set this palette as your preferred palette: click “threads.”
  16. Select the palette from the pull-down list.
  17. Click the long “use this as my preferred brand” button.



Barbara V.

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