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Stitching Two Handed

Have you tried two handed stitching? It's so easy with our NEW EZ Stitch Floor Stand!

We all know how I love the EZ Stitch Scroll Frames and stitching two handed is just one more reason I love them.

Now that I am not holding a hoop, both of my hands can be used for stitching. It doesn’t matter what hand you have on top or bottom, just what is comfortable for you. I have my left on top and right underneath.


Now my floss will be going up and down at a much straighter angle so there will be less wear on the floss. Also, my stitches will be neater as it is easy to railroad my stitches. Two handed stitching is much faster than the stick-n-stab method, as there are no wasted movements. In the video above, you can see my arms are barely moving-- all the movement is in my hands.


To take any tension out of my shoulders, my left arm is completely resting right on the Scroll Frame.  I put a pillow under my right arm so I have no strain on my shoulders. This makes stitching an enjoyable, relaxing process-- as it should be.

To watch our NEW EZ Stitch Floor Stand Product Demo Video, click here.

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Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett

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