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Stitching Story Featuring Local Stitchers Lyndy & Phyllis

Lyndy Stitching Story


When did you start cross stitching? I think about 5 years ago.

What made you start? Misty and I were hanging out, watching a movie, and she was stitching. I got bored and thought that looks like something I could do. And not have to just pay attention to the movie, 'cause I get bored just sitting there. So I started stitching.

So what was your first piece you finished? This DMC (Dimensions) Kit (Wish Mini Cross Stitch Kit)

Then went from this to a Beauty and the Beast Kit by Thomas Kinkade.

So once you did it (stitched)  you were hooked. Yes. What is it about cross stitch that you love? I like that I can put my own spin on things (patterns). I did a Headless Horseman (Sleepy Hollow) by Glendon Place, and I used button headstones instead of stitching the headstones. I like that you can put your own details in them.

So show us your favorite. I had a really hard time choosing, 'cause I really like this one. Tell us a little bit about it. This one got Pink Ribbon, which is Honorable Mention, at the fair last year. This is The Stargazer by Mirabilia.  I really wanted to do her for the longest time. But I had to find the right fabric. I just need to put glass in it now.

She's beautiful, How long did she take you? Once I got started, not too long. I got irritated with the beads and I made Misty do some of that. She didn’t want to do one of the things (on her project), so I was like, "Well, I don't have any problem doing that-- you do the bead work." Just these stupid little champagne colored ones. They are just so tiny and I got frustrated with them. So she got to do all of that stuff. She went by really quickly. The Santa (Winter White Santa) that I did by Mirabilia-- that one about led me to be committed to a insane asylum. I wanted to finish it by Christmas for my Mother. And I did not.

Yeah, but you “did not” by like a week. You finished it by New Years'.

Yes, I was working on it (a lot)/  I took days off of work to work on it. It turned out really good.

I had a hard time choosing between this one (Stargazer) and the Irish blessing one. I didn’t want to have to ask my mom for it.

You are one that stitches everything for her mom. I know, my mom gets everything.

How many projects do you have going at one time? Right now I only have 3.

Yeah, that's pretty good! I have the creepy kids. Maybe they won't turn out so creepy when I am finished. That one is a kit your mom got from Russia or somewhere? Yeah, from like the 70's.  She wanted my grandma to do a water color of it but she passed away before she finished it. My sister has it, she supposed to finish it. But I think I'll get the cross stitch done first. So I have that one and then the small santa where it's just his face. Is that the Mirabilia one we are talking about? It's a little kit. He's holding his finger like this (shhh) and has glasses. OH, yeah that one is cute! It is the same size as the wish.  Petite Santa's Secret Cross Stitch Kit

Then I have the nappers, the wolves (Happy Nappers by Kustom Krafts).  Oh, yeah the Happy Nappers is super cute. But I can only do a page at at time 'til it drives me crazy.


Phyllis Stitching Story

When did you start cross stitching? I used to do it on the stamped cross stitch for a long time. A friend and I took a class at Logan High on cross stitching. Because we both wanted to know the in's and out's what you can do and what you can't. And ever since then I've been hooked. How long ago was that? In the 80's. It seems like everybody got started in the 80's. That's when cross stitch was at its peak. I embroidered dish towels and such, when I was 7.

So what was your first piece you finished? My first one is up in Randolph and I can't find it. So these are my 2nd and 3rd ones.

A cute little mother one, I think we all at some point made some kind of saying. What Makes a Dad. I have a whole bunch of books on sayings.

I got a hold of this one.  (Joseph Smith).  Yeah, I have never seen this pattern before.

What made you choose cross stitch? We just wanted something different to do. A friend and I just decided to do it.

What is it about cross stitch that you love? You've been doing it since the 80's so a good chunk of time behind ya. I enjoy it because it helps me to relax. Sometimes I get really stressed out and I can take this and do it. But don't un-do it when you are stressed out! I've learned that.

Yeah, it just helps you calm now and relax a little bit. But lately, I am supposed to have eye surgery, so it's really hard for me to see.

So, show us your favorite. This one I did last year I think. The moon is glow-in-the-dark. That one was fast, too, if I remember. You finished it really quickly. Yeah, it was.  I have done a couple other Halloween ones and I like them, too.

Why is that one your favorite? Well, I like Halloween. And I love the material.  I love the material, it's an opalescent orange. It (the pattern) is just so simple. Simple, but you get the picture.

When I first started I didn’t have the bobbins and stuff like we do now. This is how I kept track (of my floss). So you made a little thing and had baggies. This was a placemat, then then put baggies in it. And then I made my own bobbins. Now it's a lot easier to keep track of (your floss). And you can keep it in order.

How many projects do you have going at one time? At least 20. That you actively stitch on or that you stitch on and put away? Stitch on and put away. Sometimes I get tired of them. Or sometime the black will get ya. Kinda makes your eyes go fuzzy. So you have to change from time to time. The one I am doing now is black and seven blues. Oh, that's right, the Bethlehem Silhouette II-- the one you are working on now.

I want to Thank Lyndy and Phyllis for sharing their stitching stories with us.

Now I want to hear from you. What is your stitching story? Comment below.


Enjoy Happy Stitching! -- Donnett




Lori S.

Oh that beautiful stargazer! Gorgeous work! Plz tell me what conversions you used if any. ??

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Donnett H.

Is it not beautiful!! Lyndy didn't change any of the floss colors just the fabric. I think it turned out amazing as well!

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