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This alphabet is available in BX format, a keyboard lettering format for Embrilliance software.
For information on using this font in bx format, click here.
For the free Embrilliance software click here.

Do I need special software to use .bx fonts?

Yes! And that’s a good thing. You need Embrilliance or Designer’s Gallery software to use .bx fonts. Embrilliance is very special because it is free for use with .bx fonts. If you already have Embrilliance or Designer’s Gallery platform software, you don’t need to download any extra software; the .bx functionality is already included.

This video from 8 Claws And A Paw Embroidery shows you how to download and use the free Embrilliance Express mode.

  1. On the Embrilliance download page, find the “embrilliance platform” download link of your choice (for Mac or Windows, zipped or executable).
  2. Download. Then unzip if you downloaded the zip option.
  3. Now click run on the installation file.
  4. Click next
  5. Read and accept the agreement.
  6. Click next again, again, again, again
  7. Click “install”
  8. Click “finish”
  9. Click “done”
  10. The program tells you that you are running in express mode. Click “okay”
  11. If you have downloaded a .bx file, just drag it onto the Embrilliance window, and it will be installed.
As an aside: If you get Embrilliance Express just to use with fonts, and later decide to buy Embrilliance Essentials or another module, all the new tools get added to your original Embrilliance window, so you can do everything in one program.