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Skin Tone Thread Assortment
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Skin Tone Thread Assortment


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Skin Tone Thread Assortment Exquisite Thread 12 pack

Our Exquisite Skin Tone Thread Assortment is a 12 pack of 1000M spools in realistic skin tones. We've taken the guesswork out of color selection for designs that contain people - for children, adults and all skin types. We hand selected 12 colors that are ideal for all types of skin tone embroidery including color blending, shading and highlights. This set is a real time-saver and helps assure that your embroidered skin tones will be flawless.

Exquisite Skin Tone Thread Assortment Includes:

  • Sienna, Flesh, Salmon Bisque, Bunny Brown, Cafe au Lait, Beige, Petal Pink, French Beige, Croissant, Wicker, Nutmeg and Pueblo Pink.

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