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March 6th 2019 Sit N Stitch

Join Donnett & Gang for our March 6th 2019 Local Sit N Stitch. We highlight what our group members are working on, show off any projects that we have finished and highlight any of the new, fun and beautiful patterns we can.

Work in Progress

Sun Goddess by Mirabilia (Stitched by Melinda)

Minnie Mouse by Etsy (Stitched by Melinda)

Spring Trifle by Shepherd's Bush (Stitched by Melinda)

Angel of Summer by Lavender & Lace (Stitched by Janice)

Nature's King by Heaven and Earth (Stitched by Wendy)

Spring Boxer by Lizzie Kate (Stitched by Sam)

English Cottage by Teresa Wentzler (Stitched by Angel)

Hyrule Map by Etsy (Stitched by Amy)

Sun Goddess by Mirabilia (Stitched by Donnett)

Just Ducky (Stitched by Phyllis)

***Donnett learning the difference between pussy willows and cattails, who knew!***

Forgive Quickly by Lizzie Kate (Stitched by Amanda)

Autumn Glow by Nora Corbett (Stitched by Corinne)

Shakespeare's Fairies by Mirabilia (Stitched by Misty)

Highlighted Patterns

Farmland by Leah's Canvas

Monthly Turtles March & Combo by Cross Stitch Wonders


Rub a Dub Penguins by Joan Elliott

I Love You by Gloria & Pat

Country Fair by Cross N Patch

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As always, I love to hear your comments & suggestions so please feel free to send them to me at [email protected]

Enjoy & Happy Stitching – Donnett

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