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Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid

Rainbow Gallery Petite Treasure Braid

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65 Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester, 25 Yard Cards
Treasure Braid Petite, by Rainbow Gallery, is a 3-ply braided metallic floss used for very fine needlework or in combination with other threads. 65% Rayon, 35% Metalized Polyester, 25 Yard Cards. Light coverage for 18 count but works great for Cross Stitch too.

Petite Treasure Braid is extremely versatile. It can usually replace a #4 braid at half the cost per yard. It is very durable and should not present any problem when stitching. In fact, you might try using it where you would use two ply of blending filament. It would give the same look and you would not have the bother or mess of stitching with blending filament that you would need to ply up.

It is great to use when you want to add a glimmer of metallic without overpowering the rest of your stitching. You also may double or triple it in the needle when you want braids that are equal to a #6 or #9 weight. (For very fine work when doing needlepoint, 14-36 count cross stitch or combined with other threads.)

Needlepoint: 18-22 Count, Congress Cloth: 18-22 Count, Cross Stitch: 18-22 Count

Kathryn A.

I am so glad I found this website! Sewing (counted cross stitch) has been my hobby (therapy) for decades. "Embroidery" makes it easy to find obscure threads not found in craft stores - and I live in Los Angeles! My mother was always embroidering when she had some rare free time, usually camping vacation road trips every July. She liked to do dish towels, aprons, and we each (8) got a set of pillow cases for our wedding gift. .. I started with Precious Moments children back in the '70's. Now I have done about 25 Lavendar & Lace Angels for my children and grandchildren and now my husbands children and grandchild. Finally I am making more angels for ME - and future generations

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Heather B.

We're glad you found us, too, Kathryn. Thanks for sharing your story.

[email protected]

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