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Puffy Foam Embroidery

Puffy Foam Embroidery

Using puffy foam in embroidery adds an extra dimension. It's a popular look for athletic embellishment.


Designs created to work with puffy foam include dense satin stitches with specially digitized "caps" at column ends, and little or no underlay.


Select a foam swatch to match the thread color you intend to sew with. For this project, three colors of foam were used to match the thread color for each letter.


Place your swatch of craft foam over the hooped fabric before the puffed embroidery area begins sewing. Secure with tape, if you like.


After the embroidery is finished, tear the excess puffy foam away from the stitching. For small areas, the Embroiderer's Wand is helpful to pick up the foam divots.


Use a craft strength heat wand to gently melt the bits of foam that may remain poking through the satin column sides.


Our embroidery packs an extra punch with the help of puffy foam.

Donna L.

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Kirsten S.

Hi Donna, puffy foam letters are fun, aren't they? Register to join us this coming Friday for the Beyond Monograms event!

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All attendees receive a free monogram frame design and lots and lots of lettering education!

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Marie J.

Wonderful directions for the foam letters! It took away the fear of using the foam for letters. Thank you so much.

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Heather B.

Thanks for the feedback, Marie.

[email protected]

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