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By Roberta C. on August 11, 2022

I just got my Needlework floor stand! Love it! Easy to assemble and how wonderful it is! Im so pleased! Worth every cent!! Happy stitching!!!

By Tanith B. on January 28, 2022

First the good. all the wood was beautiful and had no splinters. The screws on the cross beams were not installed fully or straight. this made attaching them to the legs incredibly difficult. Where the feet and the ankle beam connected could not be done squared. The wholes for the ankle bar were drilled too far from the edge of the wood. Thus in order to connect the ankle piece of wood, it made it so that the long leg piece was slanted and the ankle bit of wood had quite a bit of overhang. The wooden knobs differed widely when it came to how far the metal bit (that holds the screw) was inside the know. some it was deeply inset others it protruded quite a bit thus damaging the wood when trying to have the knob flush. I do not think this stand is worth the cost. not with all of these issues. i'm deeply disappointed in it. With the use of a proper jig, there would be no issues having holes in the correct spots or screws that were fully in the wood.

By Jason S. on May 27, 2021

This sounds corny, but my only regret is that I didn't buy this sooner. I've been working on a very large (approximately 36"x48") HAED pattern for a few years now — I'm a very casual stitcher — just using an 11x17 Q-Snap frame, which meant tons of excess material to try and manage. Plus the only place I could stitch was at my desk, with the frame sitting in my lap, leaning against the edge of the desk. While it wasn't super uncomfortable, it WAS pretty limiting. Finally, I decided to invest in this floor stand, and it's literally been a game changer. I got the 42" scroll roads, so I can have my entire project stretched out with no folding. Even better, the stand is so wonderfully adjustable that I can stitch from virtually anywhere — I've lately started stitching in the theater room, with the seat reclined a bit and my legs propped up. It's a bit indulgent, but it's so comfortable I find myself stitching for hours on the weekends with no fatigue. Can't recommend highly enough.

By Zoe N. on April 30, 2021

By Karol W. on March 3, 2021