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By Chanova A. on September 26, 2018

I wasn't going to leave review. I appreciate small businesses, however i appreciate customers service even more. I purchased this hoop and the magnetic pull sucks. It moves and slips with only 2 layers of fabric. I purchased another hoop from another company. Local store and the hoop works so well. Costumer service also reach out for me to give then 5 star because of there low ratings , without fixing my problem.

By Margaret T. on September 24, 2018

I was happy to receive 2 different sizes but I wish I would have done better homework on hoops and purchased a different company because they were less than half price of monster hoops. I could have gotten the x-large for my babylock destiny II for 90.00 instead of almost 200.00 for the monster hoop. I could have bought 5 hoops, in different sizes from another company for the amount I spent for 2 of the monster hoops.

By Nancy R. on September 24, 2018

I have been very disappointed with the Snap Hoop. I have two different sizes. I had a lot of slipping of the inner hoop. I have a Brother Dream Machine. Using stabilizer, batting and the fabric appliqués seemed to be too much for the Snap Hoop. I'm not certain if the Dream Machine was not compatible but the top hoop would move when I started my embroidery. I am not eager to use either hoop again.

By Janet M. on June 30, 2018

It's easier to use the original hoops that came with the machine