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Jewel Dragon Small
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Jewel Dragon Small

SKU: CD021804KA


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Stitches: 20704

Width/Height: 87.1 x 97.5 mm (3.43" x 3.84")


Color Stops (Thread Brand: Madeira Rayon)
Grey Back leg1 - Grey Back leg  (1012)
Dk Grey Stomach shading2 - Dk Grey Stomach shading  (1041)
Grey Stomach3 - Grey Stomach  (1012)
4 - Silver Back leg & Toe nails  (1118)
Violet Tail fill5 - Violet Tail fill  (1188)
Purple Tip of tail fill6 - Purple Tip of tail fill  (1313)
Dk Teal Tail fill & outlines7 - Dk Teal Tail fill & outlines  (1291)
Black Outlines8 - Black Outlines  (1006)
Purple Tail outlines9 - Purple Tail outlines  (1313)
Black Front leg10 - Black Front leg  (1006)
Grey Back wing fill, Front toenails11 - Grey Back wing fill, Front toenails  (1012)
12 - Silver Back wing spots  (1118)
Violet Back wing spots13 - Violet Back wing spots  (1188)
Aqua Back wing spots14 - Aqua Back wing spots  (1279)
Purple Back wing spots15 - Purple Back wing spots  (1313)
Grey Back wing16 - Grey Back wing  (1012)
Dk Grey Back wing shading17 - Dk Grey Back wing shading  (1041)
Grey Back arm & chest18 - Grey Back arm & chest  (1012)
Dk Grey Top Neck19 - Dk Grey Top Neck  (1041)
Dk Teal Back neck fill20 - Dk Teal Back neck fill  (1291)
Purple Back neck fill, outlines21 - Purple Back neck fill, outlines  (1313)
Black Back neck outlines22 - Black Back neck outlines  (1006)
23 - Silver Front wing fill  (1118)
Dk Grey Front wing shading24 - Dk Grey Front wing shading  (1041)
Violet Front wings spots25 - Violet Front wings spots  (1188)
Dk Teal Front wings spots26 - Dk Teal Front wings spots  (1291)
Purple Front wings spots27 - Purple Front wings spots  (1313)
Aqua Front wings spots28 - Aqua Front wings spots  (1279)
Dk Teal Front wings spots29 - Dk Teal Front wings spots  (1291)
Aqua Front wings sports30 - Aqua Front wings sports  (1279)
Grey Front wings outlines, front arm31 - Grey Front wings outlines, front arm  (1012)
Dk Grey Front arm shading32 - Dk Grey Front arm shading  (1041)
33 - Silver Fingernails, horns  (1118)
White Teeth34 - White Teeth  (1001)
Black Mouth & eyes35 - Black Mouth & eyes  (1006)
White Teeth36 - White Teeth  (1001)
Violet Bottom jaw37 - Violet Bottom jaw  (1188)
Aqua Middle jaw38 - Aqua Middle jaw  (1279)
Dk Teal Top jaw39 - Dk Teal Top jaw  (1291)
Purple Mouth40 - Purple Mouth  (1313)
Grey Top of face41 - Grey Top of face  (1012)

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Also a Member of Design Pack

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Jewel Dragon Small

Jewel Dragon Small

(3.43" x 3.84")

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Starbird Incorporated
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Suite 300
Ramsey, MN 55303

This design is copyrighted by Starbird Incorporated. This design may not be distributed electronically in any format or by any method, either altered or unaltered, without the express written permission of Starbird Incorporated. By purchasing this design, you acknowledge that you agree to the License Terms.

Jeannette M.

Absolutely gorgeous dragon! I even sized it up 200% and it sewed out beautifully. It is a dense design, so I used 2 pieces of no show mesh for stabilizer, but I liked the 3-dimensional feel of the dragon. Just beware of that last line at the very end that goes from its head over to the body. Try to not let that sew out or, if you have software, remove it.

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Heather B.

Thank you for the feedback, Jeannette.

[email protected]

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