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Commercial Embroidery Needles (11/75 Sharp) / 100 Count
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Commercial Embroidery Needles (11/75 Sharp) / 100 Count

SKU: CN1175S-100

UPC: 495810450693
$24.95(regularly $29.95 )

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Needle with rounded shank.This needle is used by most multi-needle (commercial) embroidery machines.  It is characterized by the round shank.  Needles that have DB x K5 in the identifier fit in this category.
The Organ Needle Company works closely with all of Japan's sewing machine builders to design and manufacture needles for optimal performance. When you buy ORGAN needles for their outstanding performance you get their low price as a bonus.

11/75 is best used with thread weights between No.30 and No.40. The sharp point is ideal for sewing on denim, terrycloth, and tightly woven goods.

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