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Square Flower Quilt Block 1
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Also a Member of Design Pack
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Square Flower Quilt Block 1


$2.00(regularly $8.00 Sale Ends 12/25/2021)

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Stitches: 5143

Width/Height: 99.31 x 99.31 mm (3.91" x 3.91")


Color Stops

Red [M1146]1 - Red [M1146]

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Also a Member of Design Pack
This design was created using a 2.5 MM running stitch gone over a couple times to give a bold look. If you would like to see any Kinship Kreations designs in a different size please email me at [email protected]

Clipart was licensed to Kinship Kreations by: wwwdesignstitch.com
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Kinship Kreations LLC
[email protected]
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This design is copyrighted by Kinship Kreations. This design may not be distributed electronically in any format or by any method, either altered or unaltered, without the express written permission of Kinship Kreations. By purchasing this design, you acknowledge that you agree to the License Terms.

Sandra W.

Hello, Kinship Kreations Kreator,

Apparently, you have larger motifs available just for the asking! When I read that your quilt blocks become more distinct by restitching, I find it frustrating because it would make the tiny blocks more clearly stitched. I'm constantly wishing I could find someone who would create any of the designs I find but larger.

My machine has stitch limit 9.1"x11.8" so, finding a design that's scant 4" isn't joyful, especially when marked 'large'. The largest I ever find might be scant 5" square or 6"square & that's frustrating.

Janome MC15000 is my machine & I look forward to your larger JEF designs. If I could, I'd show you what's in my cart- all of which include the sizing issue & that is 'my wishing they were larger,' as in 8" square or 9" square!

Thank you, Sandra

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Heather B.

Hi, Sandra. Thank you for your messages. I have emailed you some specific information regarding your requests. Please watch for that email from me, heather at embroidery dot com.

[email protected]

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