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Stitches: 29172

Width/Height: 102.11 x 102.11 mm (4.02" x 4.02")


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Relief Society Logo

Relief Society Logo

(4.02" x 4.02")

775 West 100 North
Logan, UT 84321
(435) 755-0486

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Rose M.

I just bought the RS logo and YW logo, I cannot seem to be able to download the design. I tried many ways (including the logical one) and I cannot find the download instructions. Please, HELP!

Rose Magnone, rosamagnone@hot mail.com

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Kirsten S.

Hello Rose, I'll email this design to you, and also instructions for how you can download our designs at any point in the future.

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Janice H.

I thought that this was a free design for and E-Club member. When I go to checkout, there is a charge. If it is not free, that's alright. I don't understand.

Thank you,


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Heather B.

Hi, Janice. Thanks for the question. Yes, this design is free to Eclub members. To get it free, do the following:

Remove this design from your cart if you have if there. Then, go to the Eclub Weekly Free Design page and look up LM69. Here's a direct link:
Then be sure to add the "Special Add to Cart" button rather than the normal add to cart button. You can then complete your purchase.

I hope that helps.

[email protected]

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Lorine T.

I am VERY UNHAPPY with the pattern. I have tried several times to do this design & the fabric pucker or pulls & this last time I had it just about finished when my thread broke. When I rethreaded & tried to back up the stitches to where it had ended & took me back to the beginning of the design. It's all done except for the word faileth. This design needs some serious reworking.

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carolyn W.

I used the design three times on aprons and it stitched out beautifully. Once on a Bernina Deco which is not sophisticated and on a Viking Designer Diamond. Both were great and my friends who got the aprons were very pleased.

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Darin Andersen

Hi Lorine,

Thank you for your feedback. First, I will say that the designs are guaranteed so if it does not work to your expection, we offer a full refund. Designs like lthis are challenging to stitch because of the high number of stitches that must be sewn before the digitizer can get back to the outlines. The amount of pull can vary significantly based on the fabric so stabilization is very important. Its also important to hoop the stabilizer along with the garment. I verified that the fill path of the design follows the same direction which is the best technique a digitizer can use for reducing the risk of puckering. The experience you had with the desgin restarting from the beginning after trying to back up is an issue with the embroidery machine rather than the design itself. I welcome the feedback from anyone else who has stitched out this design? How did the design turn out? What fabric and stabilizer did you use? Are there any suggestions for completing a missing part of a design if you have to restart?

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