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Clover Mini Iron II Cooling Tote
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Clover Mini Iron II Cooling Tote

SKU: MI9108

UPC: 51221003189

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Out of Stock. If ordered, could be available by Wednesday, June 21.

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CLOVER-Mini Iron II Cooling Tote Bag. Closed: 12" L x 7" W: Open 23-1/2" L x 7" W. White with Red Trim, made of cotton material on the outside and heat resistant fabric on the inside. This Adaptor Cooling Tote Bag is perfect for storing the Mini Iron II inside the back pocket, while keeping the adaptors in the smaller front pockets. It is great for traveling and taking to class. Caution: Mini Iron II must be cool before placing in storage bag. Case surface is subject to damage if Mini Iron II is not cool before storing.

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