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DriveIn Scene / larger
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DriveIn Scene / larger



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Stitches: 59647

Width/Height: 287.3 x 109 mm (11.31" x 4.29")

Available Formats: ART CND DST EXP HUS VIP VP3

Color Stops (Thread Brand: Madeira Rayon)
people shadows Dark Grey1 - people shadows Dark Grey  (1229)
window Light Grey2 - window Light Grey  (1085)
tree trunk Light Brown3 - tree trunk Light Brown  (1258)
trunk shading Dark Brown4 - trunk shading Dark Brown  (1058)
tree Light Green5 - tree Light Green  (1369)
tree shading Dark Green6 - tree shading Dark Green  (1189)
building Red Brown7 - building Red Brown  (1021)
building shading Dark Red8 - building shading Dark Red  (1221)
window frame Grey9 - window frame Grey  (1085)
building outline Black10 - building outline Black  (1000)
roof Light Tan11 - roof Light Tan  (1084)
roof shading & outline Brown12 - roof shading & outline Brown  (1258)
roof stipes Yellow13 - roof stipes Yellow  (1124)
roof stripes Green14 - roof stripes Green  (1101)
roof stripe & lettering Red15 - roof stripe & lettering Red  (1037)
16 - ground Light Brown  (1060)
left car windows Light Grey17 - left car windows Light Grey  (1085)
left car lights Light Grey18 - left car lights Light Grey  (1085)
left car body Light Blue19 - left car body Light Blue  (1088)
bumper & rims Grey20 - bumper & rims Grey  (1085)
tires Black21 - tires Black  (1000)
second car windows Light Grey22 - second car windows Light Grey  (1085)
23 - front lights Light Orange  (1372)
3rd car rims Light Grey24 - 3rd car rims Light Grey  (1085)
2nd car body Yellow25 - 2nd car body Yellow  (1124)
2nd car tires & outline Black26 - 2nd car tires & outline Black  (1000)
3rd windows Light Grey27 - 3rd windows Light Grey  (1085)
28 - front lights Orange  (1372)
rims Light Grey29 - rims Light Grey  (1085)
3rd car body Red30 - 3rd car body Red  (1146)
3rd car outlines Black31 - 3rd car outlines Black  (1000)
windows Grey32 - windows Grey  (1085)
4th car large side stripe Red33 - 4th car large side stripe Red  (1146)
car body Light Tan34 - car body Light Tan  (1149)
rims & stripes Grey35 - rims & stripes Grey  (1085)
4th car tires & outlines Black36 - 4th car tires & outlines Black  (1000)

Lowest Price Guarantee 15 Day Money Back Guarantee
If using the CND file to size, please be aware that results of sizing special stitch effects may vary, and that satin stitches should not be used at sizes under 1mm or over 7mm in column width.
Includes Downloadable Items
Drive-In Scene, larger

Drive-In Scene, larger

(11.31" x 4.29")

©Copyright 2000 by Grand Slam Designs
655 2nd St. N.
Middle River, MN 56737

This design is copyrighted by Grand Slam Designs. This design may not be distributed electronically in any format or by any method, either altered or unaltered, without the express written permission of Grand Slam Designs. By purchasing this design, you acknowledge that you agree to the License Terms.

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